All installations are part of the exhibit at King Street Station unless noted.

King Street Station is open daily from Oct. 22 – 29, 12-6 pm.

ATLAS in Silico
Ruth West and graduate students from the xRez Art & Science Lab create an interactive, immersive virtual reality experience based on data from the world’s oceans. ATLAS in Silico is up from Friday Oct. 21 – Tuesday, Oct. 25 only.

Ruth West, "ATLAS in Silico," 2016

Ruth West, “ATLAS in Silico,” 2016

Brush the Sky
Tamiko Thiel, working with her mother, noted calligrapher Midori Thiel, has developed augmented reality views about the history and experience of Japanese-Americans, and specifically that of their family, in Seattle.

Tamiko and artist Simon Kono will be giving special Brush the Sky tours of the International District at noon on Saturday, Oct. 22, Sunday, Oct. 23, and Saturday, Oct. 29. Meet at King Street Station on the third floor.

The Door
An immersive, interactive audiovisual installation in which the viewer experiences shifting visions of what is behind a doorway. By painter Lisa Buchanan, virtual reality artist Brandon Aleson, engineer and musician Chip Doring, and technologist Carrie Doring.

Dreamscape: Azalea Walk, Central Park, NYC
California artist Daniel Ambrosi combines high-resolution photography with Google DeepDream imagery in a large-format landscape.

Flock the Optic
Tina AufieroDavid KingAbram DesLauriers, and Liesl Schubel use sensors, projections, and a kaleidoscope to contrast the migration of snow geese with American political and pop culture.

Lumia: Opus 147
A light box by Thomas Wilfred, the pioneering light artist who worked through much of the 20th century. Opus 147 is an example of Wilfred’s late period, where he took his designs and knowledge gleaned from decades of experiment and practice and created “Recorded Lumia Compositions,” physical lighting instruments where the work was recorded in mechanical objects for presentation in homes and museums. From the collection of A.J. Epstein.

New Geographies
Using platforms such as Tumblr, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, students in Johannesburg, Marseille, Dallas, and Seattle will work together on a project that seeds new ideas and methods for learning and creating across social media platforms. Produced by Janeil Engelstad and Make Art with Purpose.

The Observer Effect
A virtual reality installation by Reilly Donovan, Cory Metcalf, and David Stout. Viewers will be immersed in a generative landscape of interactive abstract geometries and sounds, fragmented real-world structures, and echoes of people tangled between dimensions.

The Oregon Project
The debut of an ambitious installation by artists Keith Salmon and Daniel Thornton, working with Microsoft researcher Neel Joshi. Salmon, a Scottish artist who is visually impaired, is creating an experience of his artwork augmented with sound that allows one to “hear” a large format drawing. Salmon will give an artist talk at 7 pm on Oct. 22; Salmon, Thornton and Joshi will give guided tours of the installation that night from 6-7 pm.

The Origins of Biometric Data
An installation by Portland, Oregon artist Geraldine Ondrizek, based on research from the Kaiser Whilhelm Archives on the origins of biometric data (the study of measurable human characteristics). At King Street Station and Cornish College of the Arts 7th Floor Gallery, opening Monday October 17 at Cornish, 6 – 7:30 PM.

Poetic Hybrids
Seattle artists Ginny Ruffner, Grant Kirkpatrick, and others will show holographic, augmented reality sculptures originally based on interviews with genetic research scientists, and modified using viewer input. Activated for the opening and closing night parties only (Oct 21 and 29).

Sculptures of protein molecules
Biophysicist and sculptor Mike Tyka’s metal sculptures explore the structures of protein molecules.

Robert Rauschenberg, "Open Score," 1966

Robert Rauschenberg, “Open Score,” 1966

The Skies Epitomized
A series of computer-generated artworks about the essence of the sky from the perspective of humans gazing at it. Created in collaboration between artist Maja Petrić and Nebojša Jojić, a machine learning researcher at Microsoft Research.

Artist Frederik DeWilde presents a video of a realtime artistic data visualisation of the quantum vacuum, the lowest energy state of the Universe. SoN01R is a project in collaboration with Frederik Vanhoutte.

Nine visual artists’ investigations into science and the brain neuroscience, dark matter particle physics, mathematics, neurological ophthalmology, culture, and biology. Curated by Ellen Ziegler and featuring Nola Avienne, Gala BentJazz BrownRomson BustilloSue DanielsonBradly GunnTimea TihanyiEllen Ziegler, and Susan Zoccola. They are working with dark matter researcher and musician James Sloan, neuroscientists Thomas Deuel and Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Developmental Biologist Jason Berndt, and mathematicians Ken Brakke, Jadayev Athrea, and Henry Segerman.

Curator Ellen Ziegler lead a walk-through of this show-within-a-show on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 7 pm.

TAF Academy
Students from the TAF Academy, led by artist and robotics engineering teacher Gabriel-Bello Diaz, will present a sculpture created in their fabrication lab.  

Vanity Monitor
Conceived in response to a security system, A.J. Epstein’s Vanity Monitor exposes the irony of security, protection, and obsessive self-examination.

Accessibility at King Street Station: We are committed to welcoming everyone to 9e2! King Street Station is wheelchair accessible; take the elevator up to the third floor during open hours. If you require special accommodations to access the exhibit or the performances, please email contact9e2seattle at gmail dot com in advance of your visit.


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